A doodle a day for as long as I can….  Random art by Thiyag Krishna. This site will host random doodles, items from my sketchbook, both traditional physical media and digital. I am doing this to stick to a schedule and improve my drawing skills. I still draw the same way I drew as a kid, so nothing artsy here, if you would like to get inspired or just cheer along, follow me here or in one of the social networks in the bar above!

I will attempt to post atleast one new doodle/comic/sketchbook entry everyday, hope you will enjoy it!

If the doodle is “comic” worthy, they will be listed in the main viewer and will also be synced to Tapastic, otherwise they will be treated as a standard sketchbook entry and they can be found via the sketchbook link in the navbar(they wont show up in the main prev-next-random viewer which is reserved for comic-style content).

Thank you for visiting! If you have any comments and/or feedback, please hit me up on twitter @SketchDuty